Download Emulator NDS NO$GBA with NO$Zoomer + Bios Plugin

Kizogames - As you know NO$GBA 2.6a with NO$Zoomer started as a Gameboy Advance debugger but was later released as a normal emulator (version 2.7a). It is the first gameboy advance emulator to support multiplayer games on the same pc! Later versions added support for the NintendoDS portable console.

Gameboy Advance Emulator with multiplayer support. Now Supports Nintendo DS as well.

Please remember that the more gameboy's you emulate the stonger the pc will have to be!

Download HERE


How to use multiplayer with NO$GBA 2.6a
  • put the GBA BIOS file in the emulator's folder, and rename it to "gba.rom"
  • run No$GBA.exe
  • pick a GBA image (no ZIP)
  • go to "Options" / "Emulation setup"
  • increase the number of "Emulated Gameboys"
  • in "Link Gamepaks", set "Gamepaks in all GBA"
  • in "Reset/Startup Entrypoint", set "GBA BIOS (Nintendo logo")
  • click OK, you should then see 2 GBA screens side by side
  • right click on the left window, click on "Link" so that the window comes back to normal.
  • then redo the right-click and click "Link" , and here we go, the 2nd gameboy does boot!

Download Emulator NDS NO$GBA with NO$Zoomer + Bios Plugin

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